Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Zucchini ribbons topped with hot sauce rich with flavour

This was one of the best vegetable dishes we have ever made.

Mix oodles of good, healthy stuff and put the mixture on top of noodles carved from a few raw zucchini squash and you have one fine dinner. And, it's quick to make plus very heart healthy to boot.

It took but a couple of minutes to shred the zucchini.
Kitchen shops sell inexpensive tools to carve vegetables into long strips resembling spaghetti. I got one for Christmas and tonight my wife and I used it. Wow! The results were wonderful.

First, we made the ersatz spaghetti using two fresh zucchini and then we set the zucchini noodles to the side. The next time we will use three zucchini. When briefly fried, the zucchini shrinks in volume.

Next, we fried four large, chopped mushrooms in a clean, light, virgin olive oil. Before the mushrooms were done, we added a teaspoon of coarsely chopped garlic. This coats the mushrooms, giving them a hint of garlic flavour. We often use chopped garlic that comes in an incredibly large jar from Costco. It keeps well and the taste is very light.

Low in calories.
Quickly, and in order, we added eight, quartered small tomatoes, about two ounces of chopped, bottled artichoke, some zucchini disks made from the stubs leftover from the noodle making, two chopped green onions, eight roasted garlic bulbs halved, and four tablespoons of Paese Mio Hot Chili Pesto. (If you cannot find the Paese Mio, chop up a small, hot, chili pepper.) As soon as the mix was evenly coated with pesto, we pushed the mix to the side of the large, deep non-stick frying pan. (The next time we made this, we used a second large pan for frying the noodles.)

We added a little more olive oil, keeping it on the clean side of the pan, and then we dropped the strands of zucchini into the hot oil. Being thin, it cooked quickly. Before the zucchini could lose all its raw crunch, we mixed it with the mix sitting off to the side. As a finishing touch, we added two ounces of soft, low-fat, goat cheese. We mixed all and served it with a light dusting of grated Parmesan cheese.

This meal was a nine. It could have been a ten but the rich mix of colours were a bit too muted. I think serving the zucchini as a base, maybe "buttered" with a little Becal margarine containing olive oil, and then topped with the sauce mixture would have added the missing visual punch.

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