Monday, January 16, 2017

A bad heart leads to a pleasant life

I had my annual heart and stroke check-up Friday. My cholesterol is down from its highs but it is not as low as the doctors would like. Damn. (Forgive the language.)

I'm now off Lipitor and onto Crestor at the 40mg level. I am also taking 10mg of ezetimibe. The two drugs have been found to work very well together at controlling cholesterol numbers. The Harvard Medical School health publication reports:

After an average of six years, those in the statin-plus-ezetimibe group had an average LDL level of 54 milligrams per deciliter of blood (mg/dL) — well below what was once considered a “good” LDL level.

This morning I cut the maple syrup in my steel cut oats to 1 tsp from 1 tbsp. I'm lowering my sugar intake. (I thought the oats actually tasted better with less syrup.) And for lunch my wife and I made a wonderful tuna salad containing:

  • romaine lettuce - am't is your decision
  • baby spinach - am't is your decision
  • green onion (2-chopped)
  • half a sweet pepper (1/2-chopped)
  • spicy, bottled Mediterranean tuna (65 g)
  • a sweet, navel orange (1-chopped)
  • a sweet, Ambrosia apple (1-chopped)
  • a smattering of chopped pistachios (10 g-chopped)
  • lemon juice - a generous squeeze
  • I used a light dressing from Remark in London. - The dressing is your choice but go lite and use sparingly.

The salad that my wife and I made was delicious, filling and heart healthy. I had no idea having a heart condition could be so pleasant.

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