Monday, January 2, 2017

Many doctors not sweet on sugar

I used to be fat. Many people would not have said I was fat but I was. In fact, according to the linked body mass index (BMI) calculator I was borderline obese. The reason few folk noticed was that I was thin compared to many of my friends. Click the link and discover where your body sits on the BMI scale. 

A big driver of my steadily increasing weight in my senior years was sugar. The damn stuff is everywhere if you are lazy and eat a lot of prepared foods. I've cut most prepared foods from my diet and in doing so have slashed my sugar consumption.

Do I miss the sugar? No. And neither does my wife. We have both taken control of our diets and it feels good. When I hit a bump while driving, I no longer feel a jiggling band of fat at my waist quivering above my all-too-tight belt.

Click on the following link to a New York Times opinion piece: Take the no sugar challenge.

Oh, and by the way, today my BMI is 23.1.

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